Get to know Google Analytics.

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Get to Know Google Analytics

Published: July 15, 2015

Author: Zach

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful data tracking tool for your website.  It provides one of the most robust and complete set of data analytics that tracks everything from hits, conversions, and bounce rates for each and every page on your website.  It is a trusted resource for SEO experts, Web Developers, and business owners alike to track and assess user behavior resulting from implementing different changes within their websites.  And the best part?  Despite this being one of the most comprehensive analytic tools on the market, it is 100% free for its users!

If you’ve ever logged into the Google Analytics dashboard, it’s easy to go cross-eyed trying to make sense of all of the data that it offers.  Here is some useful information in case you wanted to roll up your sleeves and dive into the Analytics of your website.

  • Sessions – The total number of “hits” within the selected date range.  This is the raw number of how many visits your site received within the date range.
  • Users – How many users have visited the site within the selected date range.  This number represents the total number of people who have visited the site, where the “sessions” statistic is the total number of visits from each user.
  • Pageviews – Total number of pages visited within the selected date range.  Where a session is a visit to the site, this is how many pages were viewed total over the selected range.
  • Pages/Session –  This is the average number of pages that are visited for each visit to the website.  It is equal to the total pageviews/sessions.
  • Avg. Session Duration – This is the average time each user stays on your website when they visit.  Obviously, the higher this number is, the better your website is.
  • Bounce Rate – Bounce rate measures how many users leave your website without interacting with it.  If someone comes to a page on your website and doesn’t click on anything and leaves, this is a “bounced” visit.
  • % New Sessions – An estimate of the total number of new website visitors compared to total visits.  Out of all the people that came to your website, how many were brand new visits that never came to your site before?
  • Conversion Rate – Out of all the visits to your website, what percentage fill out your call to action, whether its subscribing to your blow or filling out a contact form.  This is the end goal of your website, to have it generate a lead for you.

This is a basic overview of some of the common terminology used within Google Analytics that will help you understand some of the data in there.  On top of this, there are hundreds of other insights and analytics provided by Google Analytics that can really help you understand where your online marketing strategy is succeeding and falling short, not just on your website.  There have been books written on correlating and analyzing this data, and it’s a far broader topic than can be encompassed in one blog post.  However, if you are interested to learn how your analytics data is affecting your bottom line, or you are unsure whether or not you even have Google Analytics for your website, reach out to us.  Click here to contact us and let us know what your questions are, and a member of our analytics team will reach out to you and break down your numbers, and show you how we can maximize the efficiency of your website.