Digital Marketing Juice for Lawyers


Digital Marketing Juice for Lawyers

Published: June 1, 2016

Author: Zach

seo for lawyers

We recently signed a big client in the Chicago area, a personal injury lawyer. He was referred to us by a client of ours, another law firm within Chicago, and when he initially reached out he was jaded and skeptical to say the least. He informed me of his advertising budget, which was well over 5 figures, and he told me how frustrated he was with Adwords, bad SEO companies, and watching his budget burn up in a matter of a few days. This seemed strange to me, but when I saw what he was talking about, I myself was flabbergasted. Upon doing research prior to our initial consultation, I found his ad on Google Adwords. I looked up the Cost Per Click (CPC for you techie lawyers) for his Adwords listing for one of his keywords: Best Car Accident Lawyer….$439 per click!

I’ve seen some outrageous costs per click in my time doing SEO, but this is by far the most ridiculous. At first I was in disbelief, then I was in anger. How could Google price gouge lawyers in private practice in such a way? Then the reality sunk in. If you have a $10,000 advertising budget, that ad would stay up for a whopping 22 clicks. This just didn’t make sense to me, so I had to write this. I will say this now and stand behind it with absolute certainty and conviction. If you are spending more than $2,000 on a pay per click campaign, STOP. With the same amount invested, any decent SEO company can and will get you on the first page of Google organically and permanently.

A few facts to consider while you ponder that thought. The click-through rate is extremely low for Adwords. Some report it as high as 7%, some as low as 2%, but either way you look at it, 93-98% of searchers are going right down to the organic section. My second argument: SEO is permanent. Adwords will make you king of the mountain for a day, but a properly executed SEO plan will make you king of your market, forever. And I know your objection: SEO takes too much time and Adwords gets me on top now. Granted. However, you won’t be singing that song when it’s June 10 and you’ve already tore through your month’s budget, and you have nothing to show for it.

So here’s the solution. Find a good SEO company. I know that may be easier said than done, and trust me I’ve heard every nightmare story about hack SEO firms out there, but there are ways of weeding out the bad. Ask about content. Ask about backlinks. Any SEO worth their salt knows that these two factors are by far the most important when earning the top spot on Google, especially for competitive industries in big markets like law firms in Chicago. If an SEO firm tip toes around the backlink question or the content question, move on. The good ones will be proud to tell you how they build their backlinks and how they produce their content. This will help you find the right firm. Or you can start here, with EFEZ Media. Get a free consultation on your website, and we’ll at least help point you in the right direction. If nothing else, we can help your firm put itself in a good position long term.

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